Who we are?

Carrier Maintenance center is one of the best certified maintenance centers in Egypt, which operates throughout the day and hour, In order, It’s provide the best maintenance service in the region.

Carrier is one of the oldest companies, So It’s specialized in the production of many household appliances, Which have been very successful, especially in Egypt,
So the company was interested in selecting the best maintenance centers, That’s to provide the best maintenance services Carrier malfunctions.

Carrier Maintenance provides a hotline to receive complaints and inquiries from all customers, Where the company is keen to provide a customer service and available 24-hour, Which we are interested in responding to all inquiries, Requests and complaints at any time.

Through our hotline service, We respond promptly and promptly to all complaints in the event of a sudden breakdown, Which is immediately dealt with through this service.

Why Carrier Center?

Carrier Maintenance Center is one of the best services provided by Carrier, which is characterized by continuous work throughout the day and hour in order to provide the best service to its customers in the region, especially in Egypt, and the most characterized by Carrier maintenance service.

We strive to satisfy the customer, and provide the best maintenance services at the lowest prices to suit everyone with the strongest discounts also, which range to about 50% of the original price of parts Carrier products.

The most characterized by Carrier maintenance service is:

  • The presence of a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians specialized in the maintenance of all malfunctions of adaptations, once you contact us we deliver you to the specialist engineer who sets a date to communicate with you.
  • Maintenance of malfunctions in the presence of a large fleet of private cars, equipped and working throughout the day and hour to provide the best service in the fastest time.
  • Carrier maintenance centers are spread throughout the republic, where Carrier maintenance centers fill all governorates and centers of the Arab Republic of Egypt in order to contact you as soon as possible.
  • Carrier Maintenance Center is the only center in Egypt that offers original spare parts as well as being the authorized agent for the maintenance of malfunctioning in Egypt.
  • If you want our dear customer to buy a new air conditioner, this can be done through us. Click here to know about Carrier and Media products.
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